a library for developers using PHP to work with OpenStack clouds

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The PHP SDK should work with most OpenStack-based cloud deployments, though it specifically targets the Rackspace public cloud. In general, whenever a Rackspace deployment is substantially different than a pure OpenStack one, a separate Rackspace subclass is provided so that you can still use the SDK with a pure OpenStack instance (for example, see the OpenStack class (for OpenStack) and the Rackspace subclass).

See the Release Notes for what has changed in the latest release(s).

See the php-opencloud wiki for incidental notes mostly aimed at developers who are working on the SDK (and not developers working with the SDK).


Visit to see tagged releases that you can download.

You can download the master branch using the GitHub "ZIP" button, above. However, this has the latest code and may not be as stable as the tagged branches.

Support and Feedback

Your feedback is appreciated! If you have specific problems or bugs with the php-opencloud language bindings, please file an issue via Github.

For general feedback and support requests, send an email to:

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